The beginner who is just entering the gym is going to have a real hard time learning the movements for weight training alone. It may look easy, but what a nuanced lifter will preach is the mind muscle connection. This connection is when you go through the movement, focusing on the intended muscle that you are trying to grow while simultaneously flexing it.

The beginner is also going to struggle a lot with the cardiovascular and muscular endurance involved with weight training. You are also going to be really sore. So, you are going to need to make sure you are eating enough protein to rebuild. Gym rats will talk a lot about protein timing as well, which is basically putting protein in your body after your workout.

Whether you are fat or are skinny, weight training should be at the top of the list. By increasing your muscle, you will increase your metabolic rate. Therefore, the workouts you do ought to be hypertrophic. This typically means 5-8 reps and 5-8 sets. While doing so, you want to gradually increase the weight. As you build up tolerance to your workout, or as you begin to see less results, you will need to change up your sets and reps. This will be important to remember 4 months ahead in time.

In terms of diet and exercise, to often is the case that someone wants to cold turkey their earlier lifestyle. Cutting out all junk food and soda is going to hurt. Consequently, you might want to ease into the training and diet. The Power of Habit is terrific book which essentially talks about how in 12 weeks, you will find yourself automatically going to the gym.

It’s a great book and I want to share a summary of it here.

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