Body Types

Just because you don’t have a v shaped body doesn’t mean you can’t build one. A lot of people want to look like a dorito or a coke glass but think you have to be born that way. It’s not true. Sure, some people are just genetically built for it but by working out your Lats doing pull down and by doing bench press and should press, you can develop a great upper body.

The main thing people get wrong when it comes to weight lifting is how much of is it focus and attention to deficits. By working out your side delt, you can greatly increase your v taper. You also don’t want an overdeveloped chest and chicken legs, or basically small calves and no quads. Even doing compound movements alone isn’t enough, because it’s so easy for one arm to over compensate. Then one arm will be bigger then another. Also if you workout certain muscle groups to much you can develops really bad posture. To much bench and your shoulders will slouch forward. This is fixed by isolating rear delt movements to pull them back. The same can happen to your back creating a huge arch. This is fixed through core and gluts training.

Posture can easily be fixed and it will not happen suddenly. This shouldn’t scare anyone as it’s a common easy fix. They just take time to reverse. It’s still better then being fat.

The three body types discussed are endomorph, ectomorph and mesomorph. Mesomorph have the natural v and great genetics. Endomorphs are the guys that look like they were built to be a New York giants lineman. Finally the ectomorph is essentially every kid that looks like an a erotic skater.

As I said earlier you can change the taper if your body based on training. The only problem is some people are hard gainers, or struggle to eat and put on mass, but this can be fixed with a sarm supplement to secrete hcg, this will make you hungrier then a 15 year old in puberty. Then endomorphs are typically fat and struggle with weight loss. Finally you have mesomorphs which tend to look great either way but may struggle with putting on mass.

Either way, in order to evaluate your body you want to lean out, if you are overweight you won’t be able to see your muscle. If you are super lean you have to be eating at a slight surplus and eating plenty of protein. This is true for all but is especially hard for ectomorphs.

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