Don’t Close the Gyms

I never thought that I would have to make a petition. Yet today is the day. We waited patiently for the gyms to open again. During that time, I like many other Americans gained weight.

I never thought a gym would be closed until this pandemic began. In the beginning I accepted it. Looking back, I find it insane that gyms would be shut down and closed before cigarette companies would be.

Now that this is happening again I feel the need to do my civic duty. Everyone knows that cigarettes give you cancer and put you at risk for heart disease. We know this in the same way we know that exercise is healthy and prevents heart disease. You are still more likely to die of heart disease then to die of COVID-19. Through the ostensible preventative measures taken against gyms, you are at the same time exacerbating an even larger issue.

Andrew Cuomo, the deaths you may prevent from closing gyms are your responsibility, but now so is our mental health and physical health.

It is your responsibility to keep our communities safe and promote the general welfare for all human beings. That includes those that rely on gyms for their mental health and physical wellbeing.

As the late reverend King once said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”.

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