The first thing we need to get straight is the weight loss and body image tragedy. The biggest problem is that we do not judge ourselves by the scale. We do so with the mirror and the clothes that we wear. We ask our friends and each other if “this outfit makes me look fat”; but we don’t hop on the scale and go “oh I am fat”.  We also tell ourselves that we want to lose weight, but the reality is, we want to shrink the volume of fat that is our subcutaneous fat layer, or fat that is right below our skin creating the pot belly and love handles that we hate. We use the scale wrong because we could easily be tricking ourselves into thinking that we are losing fat, when we could actually be catabolic (burning muscle) or losing water weight.

We also need to understand that the images we see in terms of fitness, especially in men, represent impossible ideals of masculinity. The same is also true for women. Men tend to want to be much more muscular than heterosexual women tend to prefer. Below is an example of exactly that. Above is a picture of Calum Von Moger, who has been considered the modern day Arnold who was recently used to sell elderberries by staunch lab.

Most bodybuilders go through a cycle of bulking and cutting, while also cycling on and off steroids. A steroid cycle lasts about 12 weeks. This physique is an impossible ideal. In order to build that much muscle, you would have to spend years in the gym, bulking and cutting. It would become a part time job. For him it is a full-time job. If you had the perfect genetic potential, even then it would be impossible and if you ever got close, in order to maintain it you would have to work just as hard.

The fact is steroids are in every gym. You can buy them online or from just about any big guy in the gym. Another thing to realize is that there are different types of steroids. It is not like Aspirin where every aspirin is the same. Steroids represent a category of hormones which your body naturally produces. Some of these kinds make you build muscle at a ridiculous rate, others help you maintain muscle while on a caloric deficit, and some just increase the level of testosterone in your body. Furthermore, there are steroids that do not build muscle, and only burn fat. These pro hormones are how men like Calum Von Moger look the way he does. Cycles of steroids then end with Post Cycle therapy, where you take different medicines to counteract permanent damage done. For men and women this could mean infertility.

The reason why I specifically used him was because he was recently in a Facebook ad for Staunch Labs Elderberries. Anyone who is familiar with the bodybuilding world knows that it would take years of diet, exercise and steroid use in order to possibly look like him. The last thing to note, is that these men usually have two to three weeks to prepare for a shoot. This means they go through a rigorous cutting phase to try and eliminate any water weight as well as fat so that they look as defined as possible. So, when you see an advertisement, just realize these men are on steroids. They prepared weeks before the shoot on top of their regular regiment, and then are photoshopped. Now that you are no longer brainwasher, in the next blog we will discuss obtainable goals and how to get in control of the way you look.

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