Change Is Good

You can change your body. That simple affirmation is true. Most people however will quit before they ever fall in love with the way they look. 73% of people quit their new years resolution of losing weight. (Bodybuildingcom) Quitting or giving up and falling back into old habits is the fastest way to ensure the annual guilt of never achieving your ideal physique.

The two problems people have been the problem of knowledge and the problem of habit. In terms of knowledge, what we eat and do defines how we look. Most people see only calories and grams of fat. The idea that fat makes you fat is a myth. This was due to the knowledge at the time in the 1976 and a senate hearing to help with obesity. This ideology runs parallel to doctors who recommended smoking and the cigarette companies that said “doctor recommended”. Today, products are still marketed as fat free, and people continue to eat a mainly carb-based diet. (NPR)

In order to shrink fat, we must understand how fat increases in volume. Leptin is the hormone that makes us feel the need to eat. We call this hunger and being hungry does not feel good. The next hormone to examine is insulin. Insulin is also a hormone which reduces blood sugar by making the body can use the sugar as fuel or store it as fat for latter. Your body can essentially be in two modes. You are either storing fat or burning fat and insulin is what causes this. (Some People) When you eat fat, there is no insulin response. However, when you eat simple carbs (turn into sugar fast), then you will have a insulin response. The same is true for sugar and artificial sweeteners, because artificial sweetener tastes sweet, it can cause an insulin response, and can even cause the gut to become more resilient to insulin. When you are more insulin resistant, your body will secrete more the hormone, increasing the amount of time you are storing. This in turn means you will be storing more and more calories as fat.

Many people think only about calories or fat. Fat makes you fat, and to many calories make you fat. This is not true. You could be in a caloric deficit and still not burn fat. A caloric deficit is where you eat less calories then your body needs to maintain its current weight and physicality level. You can see a calculator for your basal metabolic rate here:


The basal metabolic rate or BMR, is the number of calories you burn just being you. Walking to class, breathing, digestion, and your heart rate all burn energy. The way you increase the basal metabolic rate is by increasing the amount of muscle mass or volume. Like growing the size of your fat cells, you can grow the size of muscle cells. This activity is called hypertrophy, or increasing muscle through exercise, and can be done by lifting weights at about 5-8 reps with about 5 sets per movement.

This is why everyone should be lifting. Women are typically afraid because they don’t want to look like the hulk, but do to their hormones being less anabolic (muscle growing) then men, they won’t.

Key Take Aways

  • You Can Shrink Fat, but never lose it. 
  • Increase your BMR through Weight Training
  • Caloric Deficit with a terrible diet may not work.
  • Caloric Deficit with the right diet does work.
  • Intermittent Fasting increases time for fat burning by preventing the release of insulin. 
  • You can build tolerance to a caloric deficit, meaning your BMR decreases. 
  • You can recomposition your body through training and dieting in a caloric deficit.  

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