About Me

In 2016 I wanted to become a personal trainer, so I studied the NCSA textbook, or National Strength and Conditioning Association textbook. My plan was to work at the Equinox in Washington DC, the one right next to the Ritz Carlton. They were open to hiring me, but I failed the test by one question. I figured that if I was so good at failing tests, I might as well go back to school so I could get more practice at failing and so far I have done a great job of that.

When I compare myself to the plethora of experienced athletes, bodybuilders and sports medicine experts, my knowledge can’t really compare, but what I can offer is a baseline. I can’t help anyone become an Olympian, but neither can your average personal trainer. Despite the fact that I failed the NCSA personal trainer cert, it is considered to be one of the hardest certs to obtain.